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    The Department of Electrical Engineering (presently called Department of Studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, E & E) is one of the oldest departments in the college. It was started in the year 1957. M.Tech program in power systems and power electronics was started in the year 2004 by Kuvempu University and at present (from 2011 onwards) the department offers M. Tech program in Power Systems Engineering. The department also offers research programs in E & E Engg. (MS by research and Ph.D program).

    The department has dedicated faculties. Most of the faculty members of the department have obtained their M. Tech and Ph.D degrees from IITs & IISc of our country.

    The department has established many laboratories to cater to the needs of the present day syllabus. The department has power systems simulation laboratory, electrical machinery laboratory, electrical measurements laboratory, high voltage laboratory, electronics and microprocessor/microcontroller laboratory and computer center. Under the MODROBS scheme of AICTE, New Delhi, modern power system simulation lab has been recently set up and also new equipments and instruments are procured for electronics lab. Under TEQIP grants, new equipments are procured for high volt laboratory. Software packages on PSPICE, matlab and Mi-Power are available at the computer center of the department. The internet facility is available at the department computer center.

    The department also undertakes testing of electrical equipment from public and private organization under college consultancy centre.

    The department has students association, in the name of Forum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE). The FEEE activities started in the year 1980 and since its inception, FEEE supports extra and co-curricular activities among students of E & E Engineering. Through this FEEE, many technical activities are organized by the students. The department has a separate forum library equipped with large collection of different text books.

    Also, department organized many seminars and workshops for benefit of faculty members of various engineering colleges through TEQIP program. The department maintains its own website and students can find more information in this web page..

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B.E. in Electrical and Electrical engineering Power Systems

M.Sc.(Engineering) by Research

Ph.D Programme

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Laboratories in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

Modern power system simulation lab has been recently set up under the MODROBS scheme of AICTE, New Delhi. The latest software packages of Mi-Power are useful in solving different types of power system problems.

The machines lab has facilities to conduct various experiments on motor-generator set, transformers, induction motors and synchronous machines. The measurements lab also has sufficient equipments to conduct all the experiments in electrical measurements.

This laboratory is equipped with following equipments:
High voltage transformer 0- 100KV, 5KVA), 30 KV HVAC and DC set, transformer oil testing kit (0-60 KV), sphere gap assembly, high voltage transformer (0-60 KV, 60 KVA). Under TEQIP grants new equipments are procured.
The laboratory also has facilities to conduct breakdown tests in air, liquid and solid dielectrics..

Under the MODROBS scheme of AICTE New Delhi, new instruments and equipments are procured. It is well equipped to conduct all experiments as per the curriculum in analog electronics, digital electronics, power electronics, control system, software and hardware experiments of microprocessor/microcontroller.

The department has its own computer centre which is being used by students and staff. The software packages on PSPICE, Mi-Power, matlab etc., are available. The internet facility is also available..

Teaching Faculties

Image Name Designation Qualification

Dr.Ashoka Kusagur

Chairman and Associate Professor


Dr. Banakara Basavaraja


Dr.H.R.Sudarshan Reddy




Associate Professor

BE. M.Tech.,


Associate Professor

Sri.C.R.Sharada Prasad

Associate Professor


Associate Professor

BE, MSc(Engg) by Research


Associate Professor


Associate Professor

Ms.Rekha G.Padaki

Assistant Professor


Non Teaching Faculties

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Sri.Suresh Chavadi

Assistant Instructor