About the Department

The Department of Mathematics UBDT College of Engineering was established from its very inception in 1951 has aimed to be a centre of good teaching & learning in mathematics and computing. Department teaches various topics is mathematics to undergraduate and postgraduate students of different engineering and MCA Course. Department has dedicated faculty members of which 2 have Ph. D and 1 has M.Phil.

Students of all the engineering departments are benefit by taking core and elective courses in mathematics. The faculty members strive to maintain high standards in teaching and research.

The Vision of the department is not only to transform young people to competent and motivated professional but also to contribute to the development of the nation.

Dr Pandurangappa C

M Sc.,Ph. D.




Associate Professor


M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Dr Niranjan K M

Associate Professor

Dr Ravichandra Nayakar S.N.

M.Sc, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Ms H.S.Mamatha

M.Sc, M.Phil

Assistant Professor