About the Deprtment

Department of Engineering physics is basic supporting Department of UBDT College of Engineering. The department is a established during the year 1951. Since department has been imparting quality education at the undergraduate level. The Department has well equipped libratory and trained Senior teachers


To offer an education of the highest quality in the field of Engineering Physics to Undergraduate students

To perform fundamental and applied experiments in the field of engineering physics for the benefit of students.


A consciously evolving department maintaining strong internal connections between main engineering department in teaching and learning programme for the benefit of students.


Physics Department is the Basic Science Department of the U.B.D.T. College of Engineering. The Department caters to the basic Engineering physics, theory and practical courses to I & II Semester B.E. students. The Laboratory has sufficient equipments for conducting experiment as per VTU syllabus.

Dr Gururaj Anand Kulkarni


Dr Shankarmurthy G.J

Associate Professor


Associate Professor


Associate Professor


Associate Professor